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Health and Safety

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Achieving high standards of health, safety and environment is an integral part of Tara Group.  We are committed to the highest standards to manage risk, protect the environment, building safely and on time. The importance of high standards of Health & Safety Management is evident throughout all levels of our organisation with a culture of keeping employees, communities and other members of the public safe while mitigating any risk.

Health and Safety

Health, safety, and the environment is the first agenda item at executive meetings, embedding a strong safety culture aligned to our values and ethos. We comply with all statutory provisions and strive for continual improvement by setting appropriate health and safety targets, through mitigating incident risk with a robust Health, Safety, Environment and Welfare Policy, associated procedures, a team of health and safety professionals and a culture of behavioural safety. 

We recognise the impact of mental health and wellbeing within our business, and we have a range of initiatives in place to support our people and drive ongoing awareness.